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Low Light Plants

36' high aquarium, extra hose required

I currently own five FX5 canister filters. Because my tank is 36 inches high, I need more of the flex hosing. I need four more hoses.

Adding Cycle to start a new aquarium.

I just purchased Cycle to start a new aquarium. I just added 5 fish to a 29 gallon tank a couple of days ago. I just wanted to know if I pour the Cycle product directly into the tank or into the filter. I saw a picture on the insert of the product being p ...

Adding Turtle Clean

Do I need to take turtles out of tank, while applying Turtle Clean?
How long before I can return them?

Air Stone Agitation

When I setup an airstone in my aquarium, I noticed that there was a considerable amount of water spray onto the overhead light. Is this a safety issue.

Algae Bloom in fresh water tank

I overfed and overlighted my tank and now have an algae bloom. I have tried to stop it but have not been successful. I take pride in my clear, clean tank and happy fish but now it's green and yucky. I have two filters (20 and 10) and an air pump going 24/ ...

Ammonia and Nitrite in Cycle

Why is there ammonia / nitrite in Cycle?

Ammonia in Cycle

I am told there is some ammonia in Cycle, is this true?

Ammonia Remover - Recharge

I remember reading in the packaging that the media may be regenerated every 2 weeks. In your website, however, it says replace every month. Which is which? If the former, how much and how long?

Ammonia Remover inhibits bacteria

I was told that if I use ammonia remover, my bacteria colony would not be working. That the ammonia remover would make it so the Nitrifying bacteria would die off.

Ammonia Remover recharge with table salt

Ammonia Remover recharging? Can I use table salt?

Ammonia Tesk Kit in Saltwater

A white precipitate forms when testing ammonia in saltwater?

Ammonia test kit results

I am having trouble working out the colour chart for Ammonia Test Kit A7855. My Ph is 6.2 Ammonia results are 0.6 (light green). I can't relate these results to the colour chart (red, yellow, green).Could you explain to me how to read the chart?

Aqua Plus works immediately

Does Aqua-Plus work immediately? Should I wait some time before adding the water to the aquarium?

Aqua-Glo Specifications

What are the specifications for the Aqua-Glo bulbs?


Does Aqua-Plus use an amine base for it's slime coat properties?

Aqua-Plus - Chlor X Change Use

I have always done partial water changes without using a chlorine neutralizing product, why should I start now?

Aqua-Plus and Chlor-X-Change detoxification time

How soon after you put Aqua-Plus into tap water can you put in the fish?

Aqua-Plus Dosage

How much Aqua-Plus do you add to a 20 gallon tank when just starting it for the first time?

Aqua-Plus vs Betta-Plus

I have betta fish in my aquarium. Is Aqua-Plus the same as Betta-Plus?

Can I use Betta-Plus to treat the water for my community aquariums? is it the same thing?

Aqua-Plus vs Chlor X Change

I normally use Aqua Plus, why do you offer another chlorine neutralizer?

Aqua-Plus/Betta-Plus harmful to other animals

Will the addition of Aqua-Plus (or Betta-Plus) make the water dangerous for my other pets (Birds, cats, dogs) if they drink from the aquarium?

AquaClear does not work after cleaning

Today I tried to clean my AquaClear filter. I unplugged it and did all the cleaning, but when I put it back in and plugged it, it did not work. I checked the outlet- it's working, the filter compartment was filled with water, everything was done the way ...

<p>AquaClear Filter Manual</p>

I need the manual for an AquaClear Power Filter, where can I find it?

<p>Aquaclear Filter not working</p>

We purchased an Aquaclear 70 Filter, within the last two months. It won't work at all now. It did not run dry or any other reason that it would die. What is the problem and can it be repaired or replaced?

<p>AquaClear Filter Specifications</p>

Do you have the specifications and dimensions for the AquaClear Power Filters?

AquaClear Heaters Condensation

I recently purchased a 100W AquaClear Pre-set Submersible heater (ART #A-712). After letting it sit unplugged in a 70 deg F tank, I turned it on and immediately noticed the formation of condensate droplets inside the heater. I returned it for another one ...

AquaClear Input Siphon Placement

Is there is an 'optimum' position for the intake relative to the height of the tank...Should the intake be in the top, middle, or bottom of the tank? (I know I can stack the tubes)

What do you think about drilling a few holes along the extensio ...

AquaClear Lid rises

The lid to my AquaClear rises up over the filter case.

AquaClear lid rises up

My aqua clear model 50 filter lid lifts

AquaClear Media pops up

The left side of the lid on the filter keeps popping up causing noise. The filter material wants to rise and there seems to be nothing to lock it in. On the right hand side there is a tab that the plastic insert locks into but I can't get it to lock into ...

AquaClear motor repair

How do I fix my AquaClear motor. It has seized.

AquaClear Numbers - Old vs New

I was wondering if you could give me a cross over list of the old model number versus the new model numbers of your power filter and power heads.

AquaClear Power Filter Dimensions

I am trying to find dimensions for the AquaClear hang-on power filters because my aquarium rests 3 and 3/4' away from the wall.

Will any of the AquaClear power filters fit given my space limitations?

AquaClear Power FIlter Maintenance

I removed my filter for maintenance and cannot restart it

<p>AquaClear Power Filter Product Information</p>

I need more information on the AquaClear Power Filter

<p>AquaClear Power Head Manual</p>

Where do I locate a manual for my Power Head, I lost it a while ago and need to find some parts.

AquaClear Skimmer

Do you have any information on the AquaClear Skimmer Attachment

<p>AquaClear Surface Skimmer</p>

I have an AquaCLear filter and want to know more about the AquaClear FIlter Surface Skimmer

AquaClear Warranty

What is the Warranty on the AquaClear Filters?

Aquarium Glass Composition

I have a 108 gal. Hagen all glass aquarium about 6 years old. Is the glass on the bottom of the tank tempered. I want to drill it for a sump.

<p>Aquarium Glass type</p>

What type of glass is used in a glass aquarium, regular or tempered?

Aquarium Green Water

We have green water. No algae on anything, just in water. Tank is near front windows. Have tried to leave the lights off and am using two external filters. They don't remove it. I thought we need to use a UV sterilizer. What is your solution?

<p>Aquarium Lighting Guide- Salt Water</p>

Is there any infomation on lighting for salt water aquariums?

Aquarium Salt

How much and how often should aquarium salt be placed in a 10 L goldfish tank with two goldfish?
What other use does salt have in the tank?

<p>Aquarium Water safety for pets</p>

In the fish bowl water was Aqua plus. Can this harm a cat if it drinks from the aquarium?
The directions on the side of the bottle say 'if swallowed seek medical advice'. In deluted state is it still harmful?

<p>Aquatic Lighting Guide- Salt Water</p>

Is there any infomation on lighting for salt water aquariums?

Are Elite submersable heaters fully submersible - why is there is a waterline

I was just inquiring about the Elite submersible heaters. I was told by the sales representative that the whole unit can be fully submerged, and I've read on other web sites that it can be. What's confusing me is that it has a maximum water level line. I' ...

Assembly of 80 cm Waterhome Aquarium Stand

I recently purchase the model #15733 (maple) Waterhome Aquarium cabinet. While assembling it, I discovered that, although the correct # of screws(G) were included with the cabinet, the number of (G) screws required according to the diagram and holes in t ...

Automatic Dispenser with Nutrafin Max

I rely on an automatic feeder and many of my fish prefer to feed at middle and bottom levels, how do I properly feed my fish?

Availability of small 220 VAC air pump

I need a small air pump, Elite 799, but with 220VAC input. Is that available? Or, is there an alternative?

<p>B-Clear and Fish</p>

Can you use B-Clear in the tank while the fish are in it?

Bacteria and Light

What is the relationship between light and bacteria?

Bacterial Lifespan

How long do bacteria live?

Bacterial populations and pH

Do bacterial populations change at different pH?

BioLife Surge

Why Does my BioLife Surge

Broken 'Living Sea' hydrometer

The bottom tip of my 'Living Sea' hydrometer broke off. The bottom of the package has: Art. # A-9202 if that helps. Are the weight pellets made of lead? Do I need to remove the pellets that fell into the sand on the bottom of my tank (reef tank)? If so, I ...

Broken Thermometer

I broke my thermometer. Will the red liquid hurt my fish?

Brown Algae

My marine aquarium is very 'young' (4 weeks)and still 'ripening'. But now is full of brown algae (algae on stones, gravel, dry corals,etc.). Should I try to remove them? Do you have any agent against it?

Bulk Fish Food

Name-brand foods are often available in bulk in certain stores, are they a good choice?

Calcium in Fresh Water

What is the acceptable and dangerous level of calcium in a freshwater aquarium?

Calcium Test Instructions - clarification

I'm using the test for saltwater. The pink color appeared when I added reagent #2 and not with the first drop of Reagent #3 as your instructions state. The color was a kind of dark pink, not a light pink as the picture in the instructions booklet. After ...

Calcium Test Kit - No Color Shown

The calcium test kit does not work properly. No color during the test or I measured calcium level up to 600 mg/l!!!!

Calcium Test Kit Instructions

I have lost my instructions for the use of the Calcium test kit, how do I use the test?

Can a Fluval 4 'Plus' Underwater Filter be placed on its side?

Is it suitable to submerge the 'A-175 Fluval 4 'Plus' Underwater Filter - 110 V' on its side?

Can water back-siphon into the CO2 Unit?

Can I use a valve to prevent any flow back from the tank?

Carbon Utility for Aquariums

Is activated carbon useful in aquarium maintenance?

Carbonate and General Hardness test kit results

I have your test kit for 'Carbonate and General Hardness', and I have a question regarding the end point for the carbonate hardness (KH) test.

The instructions state 'Continue to add a drop at a time...count drops and stop...when color changes ...

Carbonate and Total Hardness Test Kit - Marine Results

I am not getting any results for Hardness in my marine tank

<p>Care Guide: Aquatic Lighting Guide</p>

Where can I get information on proper lighting for my fresh water aquarium?

Care Guide:Aquatic Plants - Care and Nutrition

Do you have any information about live aquatic plants

Causes of Diatoms and filamentous algae

What causes Diatoms, filamentous and blue-green algae?

Changing Waterhome Filter Media

I am a bit confused as to how the filter media for the Waterhome 5 bowed front aquarium should be installed.

Does only one cartridge have to be installed, or both?

Chloramine Detection

I have heard that the city I live in may start to introduce ammonia along with chlorine in our water supply.

How will I know if chloramine is present?

Chlorine in Summer

During the summer months I notice an extremely strong chlorine odor from tap water. Is there anything extra you would advise me to do?

Cleaning artifical plants and other decorations

How do you clean the artificial plants in the aquarium?

Cleaning the AC-30

Does the 'top' of the U-tube [with the adjusting pin] come off?

Cloudy Water

I have cloudy water, why isn't my filter working?

Cloudy Water

I have a 55 US gallon tank, never had a problem before till I have to move to a new house. Now the water is cloudy, all the tests I have run show normal. The pet store we deal with recommended something called P clear (particulate water clarifier) by Nutr ...

Cloudy Water

I have cloudy water, why isn't my filter working?

Cloudy Water

I have a 55 US gallon tank, never had a problem before till I have to move to a new house. Now the water is cloudy, all the tests I have run show normal. The pet store we deal with recommended something called P clear (particulate water clarifier) by Nutr ...

Cloudy Water treatments

Why does my water look whitish and milky?

<p>CO2 Manual</p>

I need the manual for my Natural Plant System CO2 unit. Where can I get it from?

<p>CO2 Natural Plant System</p>

I am interested in the Natural Plant System, is there any further information on it other than just the product entry?

Community tank pH

What pH for community tank of tetras and livebearers?

Continuous use of Nutrafin Natural Plant System

Since the Nutrafin Natural Plant System runs 24 hours a day will it cause an aquarium's PH level to crash at night?

Controlling air pump output

I have purchased a small air pump to run an air chest ornament in my aquarium. I am sure I am doing something wrong as the bubbles that come out are large and the chest lid stays open when the pump is on. Can you tell me what I need to reduce the air fl ...

Cryptocorynes always die

When I buy cryptocorynes they seem to almost always die off within the first few weeks. What can I do to avoid this?

Cycle - Nitrification and Denitrification

Can Cycle do both nitrification and denitrification?


<p>Cycle information</p>

Do you have any technical information on the Cycle product?

Cycle nitrifiers viability

How do Nitrifyers in Cycle stay alive into the bottle?

Cycle's Function

What is Cycle's Function?

Cycle/Waste Control effective in bowls

Is Cycle and Waste Control effective in bowls without filter

Difference between natural bacteria and Cycle

What is the difference between aquarium bacteria and Cycle's

Different heater types explained

What is the difference between different types of heaters?

Different Nitrate Reading over time

What can cause different readings in Nitrate Test Kits

<p>Direct Purchase of Aquarium Ornament</p>

Bite Me Shark. I am really interested in purchasing this ornament but am unable to find it anywhere in my area. Online have it but the shipping is twice the price of the ornament. Is it possible to get it?

Dirty-Cloudy Water Causes

The water in my aquarium is cloudy, what can I do?
Q. I have just set my new aquarium up and the water is not clear.
Q. My water has gone a ‘tea’ colour.
Q. Why is my water green?
Q. I seem to have alot of white floating pieces in my

Disease Treatment and Cycle

What is the effect of medicines on Cycle?

Disease treatment and Waste Control

What is the effect of medicines on Waste Control?

Dosage for P-Clear

The other day I picked up P-Clear, 4 oz (118 mL). I have used this product before and it works great. The container says it treats 470 gallons I have a 45 gallon tank which means I should get 10 treatments per container. Only got 5 1/2 treatments. Nev ...

Double dose Cycle in a saltwater aquarium

While reading the instructions for dosing Cycle, it says in the new aquariums paragraph that double the dosage needs to be used for saltwater aquariums. Is this double dosage only for initial start up or for the weekly maintenance also?

Double Sided Background installation

How do I install a double sided background?

Drilling holes in Hagen Aquariums

I am thinking about drilling a hole in the glass of my Hagen 108 gal aqarium for use in an overflow box/sump filter. The tank is aproximately 10 year old and I am wondering if any of the glass on the bottom or sides tempered?

Drinking Aquarium water dosed with Cycle or Aqua-Plus

Will the Aquaclear or the Cycle harm my Parrot (Cat - Dog) if she drinks it?

<p>Elite 50 W Mini Heater Instructions</p>

Where can I get more information on how to set the Elite Mini heaters

Elite Air Pump Manuals

Where can I access the manuals for the Elite air pumps?

<p>Elite Hush Specifications</p>

What are the specifications and dimensions of the Elite Hush filters?

<p>Elite Mini A-130</p>

Elite mini A-130. We purchased a tank with this filter in March of 2006, it has since stopped working. Is there anything I can do to get it started again?

Elite Mini Filter

We just purchased a goldfish marina kit with the Elite Mini Filter. It is really blowing into the water, the goldfish are scared and can't seem to swim against the current t all. It seems the flow is causing them to turn upside down, etc.

D ...

Elite Mini Filter - A-130

Is the filter supposed to have air bubbles in the tank to show the filter is working?

Elite Mini Filter - Aeration

I am running an Elite Mini Filter in our small aquarium, and it is filtering nicely. Unfortunately, I cannot get the aeration feature to work through the Venturi valve. The aeration line is always taking in water from the filter.

Elite Radiant Heater Setting

How do I set and regulate the Elite Radiant heater thermostat

Elite Submersible Aquarium Heater

I have purchased an Elite 'submersible' Aquarium heater. It shows a MAXIMUM water line at the top of the unit which would lead me to believe the unit cannot have water above this marking. Can you please let me know if this is actually completely submers

Elite Submersible Heaters are fully submersible

I was just inquiring about the Elite submersible heaters.

I was told by the sales representative that the whole unit can be fully submerged, and I've read on other web sites that it can be. What's confusing me is that it has a maximum water le ...

Elite/Radiant Thermostat operation

Can you send me instructions of use of this thermostat.

External dimensions of the FX5

What are the external dimensions of this pump & what is the diameter of the hosing

Extra Pieces and Compartment in Elite Fluorescent Canopies

I just bought an aquarium kit that came with an Elite Fluorescent canopy. I am wondering what the extra two blue plastic pieces are for and what is the small compartment under the blue lid commonly used for?

Feeders used as complete diet

My Oscars enjoy feeder goldfish, is this a complete diet?

Feeding Nutrafin Max to Discus

My discus do not eat dry foods, what am I doing wrong?

Feeding Ring

My filter tends to take in some of the dry food I feed, what can I do?

Filter media maintenance in the AquaClear Filters

How often and which part should be changed first in the filter media?

Filtered aquarium requires an Airstone?

I have a power filter for filtration, do I still need an airstone in my aquarium?

Fish Behavior

My fish keeps playing dead, what can I do?

Fish entering AquaClear filter

I keep small fish, and even with minimal flow through my AquaClear, they are still being sucked in. Is there any way to prevent this?

Fish entering Fluval Canister Filter

I keep small fish, and they are being sucked in by my Fluval Canister filter. Is there any way to prevent this?

Fish Food life span after opening

How long will fish food stay nutritious after it has been opened?

Fish Growth - Diet Quality

My fish are not growing properly, is it poor quality food?

<p>Fluorescent Light Bulb Specifications</p>

What are the specifications of your fluorescent light bulbs?

<p>Fluval 03 Series Manual</p>

Where do I download the manual for the Fluval 03 Series filters?

<p>Fluval 04 manual</p>

Where can I get the manual for a Fluval 104?

Fluval 04 Media Placement

What type of media should I use if I want to get realy clear water. Right now I just added the Fluval 404 and changed some of my water and now it is cloudy. What should I do?

Fluval 04 VS 05 Series

What is the difference between the 404 and the 405?

<p>Fluval 05 Series Manual</p>

Where do I download the manual for the Fluval 05 Series filters?

<p>Fluval 05 Specifications - Including FX5</p>

Do you have the specifications and dimensions fo the Fluval 05 line of filters, and could you compare them with the FX5 filter as well?

Fluval 403 - Noisy Impeller

Fluval 403 has been operating for about 9 months, the propeller has been very noisy lately. I tried cleaning it, but the noise won't go away. Do I need to replace the propeller assembly?

<p>Fluval 404 stops pumping.</p>

My Fluval 404 will stop pumping. But if I reduce the flow to zero, turn flow back on it will pump for about 6 seconds then stop again. I checked for loose pieces of carbon, and I noticed a small bushing that looks like it came from the clear plastic housi

Fluval and Gravel Cleaning Attachments

Does the Fluval canister system allow the user to use the filter to vacuum gravel? If so, can you tell me a little about the effect this has on the filter?

Fluval Bio-Max

Why are there two different types of Bio-Max?

Fluval Canister placement

Can I place filter on the stand right next to the tank or does it need to be below the tank level?

Fluval E Heater display

My E Heater is displaying LF, but the flow of water seems OK?

<p>Fluval E Heater not working properly.</p>

My Fluval E Heater does not seem to maintain the set temperature. Am I doing something wrong?

Fluval External pumps air

My Fluval makes too much air - Isn't it supposed to be a sealed unit?

Fluval External seal leak

My Fluval External Filter seems to be leaking from around the seal?

<p>Fluval FX5 Manual</p>

Where do I find the manual for the Fluval FX5 external canister filter?

Fluval FX5 producing microbubbles

I've had my Fluval FX5 for a few weeks now but it just started releasing tons of microbubbles into the aquarium. I've tried stopping and restarting it but the same thing happens. Noticeably, if I shake the canister gently then the bubbles will burst out a ...

Fluval FX5 Spraybar

Is there a spray bar available for the FX5 model

Fluval FX5 stopped working suddenly

I purchased a Fluval FX5 about 3 weeks ago. It was working fine with a strong flow rate. Two days ago, it stopped working. The flow rate has been reduced to a trickle. I clean it and checked all tubing for possible clogs. Everything checked out fine. When ...

<p>Fluval G clogged pre-filter &amp; reduced water flow</p>

The pre-filter on my G series keeps clogging and reducing the water flow.

Fluval G Filter. Media clog

My Fluval-G Filter cartridge needs cleaning all the time.

<p>Fluval G Troubleshooting Guide</p>

Do you have any troubleshooting tips for the Fluval G filter?

<p>Fluval G6 Warranty</p>

I am interested in purchasing your G6 filter. Nowhere can I read about the warranty .What is the warranty time frame?

Fluval Hose Lock leaks

A friend who no longer runs an aquarium recently gave me one of your Fluval 403 Filters for my 35 gallon aquarium.

Problem is: I cannot seem to get a water tight lock between the in- and out- take hose lock and the hose luck nut. What am I doi

Fluval Internal Clogging Indicator Position

I just started a new tank with all new media. As soon as I placed the new filter in, the clogging button popped up.

What am i doing wrong?

Fluval Lab Series Phosphate Remover

How long can I leave the Fluval Lab Series Phosphate Remover in my system?
How long it is effective?
What is the optimal gph?
Can you add more to the system than the recomended dose as a preventive measure?

Fluval Media for Discus

What kind of media for Fluval external filter would you recommend for the aquarium with Amazonian Discus?

Fluval Nitrate Remover

My Nitrate keeps rising, even after I put in the Nitrate Remover. What can I do to care for the Fluval Nitrate Remover?

Fluval Nitrate Remover - Recharge

Your info about that product (Fluval Lab Series nitrate remover) states that it can be recharged 'several times'...
- Approximately how many times can I expect to be able to recharge it?
- After recharging and rinsing, is it better to store th ...

Fluval Plus Cleaning

 Even after I clean my Fluval Plus filter's media, it still doesn't work.

<p>Fluval Plus Specifications</p>

Do you have the specifications and dimensions for the Fluval Plus Filters?

Fluval Polishing Pads - Preparation

I placed two polishing pads in my filter and after a few hours I realized I had not rinsed the pads before placing them in the filter.
Could this damage bacteria?

Fluval Pre-Filter versus BioMax Rings

What is the difference between BioMax and Fluval Pre-Filter? Aren't they basically the same?

<p>Fluval Surface Skimmer</p>

How do I use the Fluval Surface Skimmer, do you have some detailed information about it?

Fluval Surface Skimmer

Is there any further information on the Fluval Surface Skimmer?

<p>Fluval Surface Skimmer</p>

How do I use the Fluval Surface Skimmer, do you have some detailed information about it?

Fluval Surface Skimmer

Is there any further information on the Fluval Surface Skimmer?

<p>Fluval U Fliter stopped working</p>

My Fluval U Filter has stopped working. How can I fix it?

<p>Fluval-G Serial Number location</p>

I am trying to locate serial number for warranty registration. Where would I find this?

<p>Fluval-G Tri-Ex Cartrige not recommended for Marine Aquarium</p>

I would like to know why you do not specify the Tri-Ex Cartridge for use in marine aquariums. Are there any problems if it is used in salt water aquariums?

Fluval-G: Assembly/Disassembly

A) I'm not able to disengage the filter head from the filter canister.
B) I'm not able to close the four metal lid fasteners.
C) The pre-filter lid doesn't close
D) When removing the filter head from the unit, water comes out from the metal ...

Fluval-G: External Maintenance

How can I remove dust, marks or fingerprints from the surface of the filter?

Fluval-G: Filter Media

A) I'm not able to pull out the mechanical pre-filter and/or chemical cartridge(s).
B) I'm not able to close the mechanical pre-filter and chemical cartridges.
C) The mechanical cartridge clogs too early.

Fluval-G: Output and Air

A) Air bubbles continuously come out from filter output.
B) After switching off and on of the filter, the filter is On and the flow rate is zero or insufficient.
C) The Filter has been switched off, then the mechanical pre-filter has been cleane ...

Fluval-G: Priming

I am not able to start the pump using the priming button.

Fluval-G:Graph and Calibration Problems

The conductivity graph shows sudden drops

Fluval/Tronic safety

What makes the Tronic different and safer than other heaters?

Foam or Slick at aquarium surface

There are bubbles forming on the surface of the aquarium that don't seem to break and are forming a heavy foam. How do I treat this problem?

Food clumps after purchase

My fish food seems to clump together a month or two after I purchase it, why?

Frozen Food as a complete diet

My fish love frozen food, should I feed it exclusively?

FX5 - Excessive Bubbling

My FX5 is making excessive bubbling in my marine aquarium

FX5 Dimensions/Specifications

What are the external dimensions of this pump & what is the diameter of the hosing

FX5 Filter for Marine Aquariums

Can I use the FX5 Filter in a Marine Aquarium?

<p>FX5 Installation Requirements</p>

Are there any special things to know about installing the FX5 on my aquarium?

FX5 Media and Positioning

Are there any considerations I should know about when adding media to my FX5?

FX5 stopped after power failure

We had a power failure yesterday and now the Fluval FX5 is not running, any tips to look for?

<p>FX5 Troubleshooting</p>

My filter doesn't seem to be acting correctly, what troubleshooting tips can you offer?

FX5 Water Polishing Pad use

I have replaced the media in the Fluval just a week ago and the filter has stopped working. What is happening?

GEOsystem Natural Gravels - ph question

I need a natural gravel for the type of tank I'm setting up and one of the things that I don't want is for the pH to rise from the gravel.
Will GEOsystem natural gravel affect the pH balance in aquarium water?

Glass Aquarium Manufacture

How does Hagen make its glass aquariums?

Glo HO Canopy information

Can you tell me if the 48' Glo HO Linear Canopy comes with the two T5 bulbs 54 W or if I need to buy them separate?
Will this be enough lighting for my 5 ft x 2 ft (high) x 1.8 ft (wide) tank that is planted?
Does this unit have reflectors?

Goldfish requirements

What are the best conditions for goldfish in an aquarium?

Green Water - Cloudy Water

I need your advice regarding cloudy/green water in my tank. I have been doing my weekly 10% water changes with aqua plus tap water conditioner. How do I get a clear aquarium?

<p>Green-X - Phos-X</p>

I have recently added Green-X to my Fluval 305. As far as maintenance goes, I can't seem to find any information on Green-X. It doesn't say on the box how to maintain this product.

Do I simply rinse the bags after x period of time?

<p>Green-X / Phos-X</p>

I have recently added Green-X to my Fluval 305. As far as maintenance goes, I can't seem to find any information on Green-X. It doesn't say on the box how to maintain this product. Do I simply rinse the bags after x period of time?

Hair Algae

I seem to be having a growth of strands of algae in the tank, how do i eliminate them?

Heater Water Level - Clip-On heater

Will the heater will work properly if the water level is lower than the water Line Indicator on the heater?

Heater will not work!

My tank heater that i just bought will not work! The water is to the water line. The heater has had more then long enough to start working and it has not! It is ART.#A731 the mini 6'.

<p class='MsoNormal'><span style='font-family: Tahoma; color: navy; font-size: small;'><span style='font-family: Tahoma; color: navy; font-size: 12pt;'>Here is a list of some &ldquo;&rdquo;Lowlight&rdquo; plants. Please keep in mind that as live plan

low light plants

High Nitrite - No Ammonia or Nitrate

Introduced a new catfish and lost total population (16 fish) within 10 days. Cleaned all thoroughly but have lost all new fish on three separate occasions (usually 5/6 fish).

It has been 7 weeks since the last startup...have 6 fish and want to ...

High Nitrite in Old Salt Water Aquarium

My Nitrite level is off the chart, more than 5.0. I have done an 80% water change, the nitrite level goes down to about less than 2.0 then in just a few days it is back up. My ammonia is practically undetectable, nitrate is less than 1.0 and my ph is alwa ...

How often to feed fish

How often should I feed my fish?

Impeller tool for Fluval filters

What is this? It comes with the kit but is not mentioned in the instructions anywhere!

Iron Test Kit Interference

I have a green water problem. I have been trying to test for iron (which I have been adding regularly). My results show up in shades of blue, whereas the color chart on your test kit is in shades of purple. Is there something wrong with the kit or my wate ...

<p>KH Hardness Calculator / Converter</p>

There are so many different scales of Hardness, is there a way to convert from one to another?

Leaking Top Frame

My aquarium has started to drip water from the top frame? What should I do?

<p>Lifespan of Bulbs</p>

My bulbs keep blowing. How long are they supposed to last?

Light Glo Canopy Cut Outs

How do I install the AquaClear Filter with the Light Glo Canopy that is included in the geo system 60 kit. What parts do I cut out?

Live Plants and Algae

I've grown live plants many times but always seem to have algae problems. Is it because of the live plants?

Live plants die

When I buy live plants they last for several months then die.

Whenever I purchase live plants they last for several months and then die. I follow all the advice I've been given, tests reveal perfect conditions.

What can I do?

Lower/Stabilize pH

I have a difficult time lowering and stabilizing pH levels, I often have to re-dose with the pH reducing product I use. Why is this?

Magnesium Measurement - Saltwater

Which test kit will measure Magnesium in saltwater?

Maintaining an established tank with Cycle

Does adding Cycle help to maintain an established aquarium?

<p>Marina Easy Gravel Cleaner Instructions</p>

Where can I get the directions for the Marina Easy Gravel Cleaner?

Marina Fish Breeder

My fish had fry but they fell out of the bottom of the Fish Breeder.

<p>Marina Multi-Vac Instructions</p>

Where can I get the directions for the Marina Multi-Vac Powered Gravel Cleaner

Measuring DH

Your Hardness kit measures KH, I need DH

Mini Filter Materials

Does the Elite Mini Underwater Filter only have a foam insert, or is there a carbon one as well?

Mini Foam

When we rinsed the sponge/foam, we forgot to pay attention to which way the sponge/foam was supposed to go back in. Is the hole opening towards the bottom or top?

Multi-Vac Instructions

Is there an instruction manual for Art. # A-1004?

Municipal Water Not Safe for Fish

If my tap water is safe to drink, why are my fish at risk?

Natural Gravel changing pH and KH

What are the possible effects of adding natural gravel to an aquarium?

<p>Natural Plant System has a white growth on bubble diffuser.</p>

We recently started using a Natural Plant System in our aquarium.  After approximately 2 weeks we noticed a white, almost cotton candy like, buildup around the output nozzle. Within a few days the build had spread across the first channel of the bubble diffuser and upwards in ...

New 5.5 gallon aquarium - dying fish

About two weeks ago I purchased a Hagen 5.5 gallon starter aquarium. I had about 12 small starter fish in it two weeks ago and up until yesterday I still had all twelve. All of a sudden 7 of my twelve fish died; within a couple of hours. I left to go out ...

<p>New Tank Syndrome</p>

The tank is only a few days old with three fish in the aquarium, and already the water is cloudy and smelly. We only feed the fish once a day and have a brand new filter. We cannot have the filter on full strength because then the fish cannot swim. They a

Nitrate inhibition

Nitrate gradually accumulates over time - will this inhibit Cycle?

Nitrate reduction with Lab Series Nitrate Remover

The package insert does not say how long to keep the resin bags in the filter.
Since I was not getting any reduction in nitrate, I left them in for several weeks hoping they would eventually work. Now I've learned that leaving them in too long can ...

Nitrate Removal

If all phases of purification occur, do I need to change aquarium water?

Nitrate Remover - Recharge Instructions

How do I recharge Fluval Nitrate Remover?

Nitrate Test inference from Chlorine

Water taken directly from my tap registers what appears to be a high nitrate content (as determined by your test kit) when tested immediately. However when a chlorine, chloramine remover is used...within approx 5 minutes of standing no nitrates are detect ...

Nitrate Test Instructions

My instruction booklet go wet and the instruction pages got ruined! I only need the actual instruction, the color chart is fine.

Nitrate Test Kit

Why won't my Nitrate Test kit work?

Nitrate Test Kit Glass Bottle

Why did you use a glass bottle for Reagent #3 - it is difficult to use.

Nitrite and Nitrate Test Kit differentiation

The MSDS for both your nitrate and nitrite test kit shows the first two reagents in the nitrate test kit are identical to the two in the nitrite test kit. My question then is, how is it possible to differentiate the color change due to the presence of nit ...

Nitrite Test Kit Instructions

My instruction booklet go wet and the instruction pages got ruined! I only need the actual instruction, the color chart is fine.

<p>No bubbles from my Fluval Mini Filter</p>

I am not seeing any bubbles from my Fluval Mini Filter. What can I do?

No Switch on Glo HO Canopies

Why is there no switch to turn a Glo HO canopy on and off

<p>Noise from Fluval 05/06 filter</p>

Noticed noise from my canister 05/06 filter and discovered the source of the problem - I had just placed an air stone directly under the intake hose. After reading the FAQ, I tried to shake the filter to help remove the air in the system and although the no

<p>Noise in AquaClear Filter</p>

My AquaClear Filter is making noise after a few months. When I first purchased it, and set it up, it ran much quieter.

Non-Submersible Heater condenstaion

I got my heater to work. It's heating the aquarium, but I think its condensing in the inside of the tube. Is that normal?

Nutrafin Ammonia Test Kit for Fresh and Salt Water

Ammonia test kit for salt water manual

<p>Nutrafin Ammonia Test Kit for Fresh and Salt Water</p>

Ammonia test kit for salt water manual

<p>Nutrafin Aquatic News</p>

Where can I obtain copies of the Nutrafin Aquatic News. This was a publication you offered quite a long time ago, and I haven't seen it recently. Are copies still available?

<p>Nutrafin Calcium Aquarium Test Kit</p>

Nutrafin Calcium Aquarium Test Kit Manual

Nutrafin Calcium Aquarium Test Kit

Nutrafin Calcium Aquarium Test Kit Manual

Nutrafin Carbonate and Total Hardness Aquarium Test Kit

Hardness Test Kit manual

<p>Nutrafin Carbonate and Total Hardness Aquarium Test Kit</p>

Hardness Test Kit manual

<p>Nutrafin Iron AquariumTest Kit</p>

Nutrafin Iron Aquarium Test Kit - 0.0 - 1.0 mg/L

Nutrafin Iron AquariumTest Kit

Nutrafin Iron Aquarium Test Kit - 0.0 - 1.0 mg/L

Nutrafin Max - African Cichlid Requirements

I keep many rock grazing types of African Cichlids, what diet should I provide?

Nutrafin Max - Feeding Frequency

Are there times when fish should be fed more or less frequently?

Nutrafin Max - Low Phosphorous

How does Nutrafin Max prevent algae?

Nutrafin Max - Quantity to buy

How much fish food should I buy?

Nutrafin Max - Varying Complete diets

Will my fish do well with a complete flake food?

Nutrafin Max Ash Content

Why are Nutrafin Max Spirulina Flakes higher in Ash versus other Nutrafin Max products?

Nutrafin Max Best Before dating

Is there a “best-before” date on Nutrafin Max cans?

Nutrafin Max Color Enhancing Flake Food

Can I use Nutrafin Max Color Enhancing Flakes as basic diet?

Nutrafin Max Color Flakes

How long will it take before I notice a difference in color when feeding Nutrafin Max Color Flakes?

Nutrafin Max Color Flakes

My fish are not colorful, is this due to their diet?

Nutrafin Max Color Flakes

How long will it take before I notice a difference in color when feeding Nutrafin Max Color Flakes?

Nutrafin Max Color Flakes

My fish are not colorful, is this due to their diet?

Nutrafin Max Color Food

Are all color enhancing foods equal?

Nutrafin Max does not cloud water

Does Nutrafin Max cloud the water?

Nutrafin Max economical

Are Nutrafin Max products economical?

Nutrafin Max Feeding Levels

What do I look for to identify what level of the aquarium a particular fish will prefer to feed in?

Nutrafin Max Food selection

Why do some fish reject a new food, even premium brands?

Nutrafin Max has vitamin C

Does Nutrafin Max contain stabilized Vitamin C?

Nutrafin Max Marine Flakes

My marine fish devour Nutrafin Max Marine Flakes, what else can I give them?

Nutrafin Max nutrative factors

Are there particular conditions that affect nutritive value of dry foods?

Nutrafin Max P.D.P.

What is P.D.P.?

Nutrafin Max Spirulina Tablets and Flakes

Can I use Nutrafin Spirulina Algae Tablets or Flakes for my goldfish?

Nutrafin Max Tablets

I have a problem keeping bottom feeders such as Corydoras and Plecostomus alive for any length of time, why?

Nutrafin Natural Plant System - Basic Ingredient

What is the basic ingredient not included with the activator?

Nutrafin Natural Plant System - CO2 Output Control

How do I control output in the CO2 Natural Plant System?

Nutrafin Natural Plant System - Odors

Why is there an odor coming out of my CO2 canister?

Nutrafin Natural Plant System needed

I read and hear a lot of good things about CO2 for plants. My plants are doing well, do I really need CO2?

Nutrafin Nitrate Aquarium Test Kit

Nutrafin Nitrate Aquarium Test Kit (0.0 - 110.0 mg/L)

<p>Nutrafin Nitrate Aquarium Test Kit</p>

Nutrafin Nitrate Aquarium Test Kit (0.0 - 110.0 mg/L)

<p>Nutrafin Nitrite Aquarium Test Kit</p>

Nutrafin Nitrite Aquarium Test Kit (o.o - 3.3 mg/L)

Nutrafin Nitrite Aquarium Test Kit

Nutrafin Nitrite Aquarium Test Kit (o.o - 3.3 mg/L)

Nutrafin pH High Aquarium Test Kit

Nutrafin pH High Aquarium Test Kit (7.4 - 8.6)

<p>Nutrafin pH High Aquarium Test Kit</p>

Nutrafin pH High Aquarium Test Kit (7.4 - 8.6)

Nutrafin pH Low Aquarium Test Kit

Nutrafin pH Low Aquarium Test Kit (6.0 - 7.6)

Nutrafin pH Wide Range Aquarium Test Kit

Nutrafin pH Wide Range Aquarium Test Kit (4.5 - 9.0)

<p>Nutrafin pH Wide Range Aquarium Test Kit</p>

Nutrafin pH Wide Range Aquarium Test Kit (4.5 - 9.0)

<p>Nutrafin Phosphate Aquarium Test Kit</p>

Nutrafin Phosphate Aquarium Test Kit 0.0 - 1.0 mg/L

Nutrafin Phosphate Aquarium Test Kit

Nutrafin Phosphate Aquarium Test Kit 0.0 - 1.0 mg/L

Nutrafin Plant Gro Dosage

How often do I need to add Nutrafin Plant Gro if I change 30% of the aquarium's water every week?

<p>Nutrafin ProFeed Plus Automatic Fish Feeder Instructions</p>

I need the instructions for the Nutrafin Pro-Feed Plus Automatic Fish Feeder.

<p>Obtaining a replacement Fluval impeller.</p>

I need a replacement Fluval impeller. How do I obtain one?

Optima Air Pump - Weak Output

I changed the diaphragms on an older Optima Air Pump recently. This did not improve the air output of the pump. I am wondering if it is possible that the electric motor is too weak to pump and if it is feasible to replace it (the electric motor). When I p ...

Optimal Fish Feeding Time

When should I feed my fish?

Optimal pH for nitrification

What is the optimal pH and the limits for nitrification

Overnight rise of pH in new tank

I set up the new 38 gallon tank (with new gravel), filled it half full with water from my tap (well water with a pH of 6.0), and started the Fluval 305 and heater, left it overnight. The next day, I checked the pH of the water and it had risen to about 7. ...

<p>P-Clear effective</p>

Is P-Clear effective over time.

P-Clear residue

Is P-Clear safe to use with sensitive fish?
Will it affect the bacteria in my filters at all?
Does it leave any residual chemicals in the water or are they all removed with the particles?
I have problems with cloudiness when I disturb my AD ...

<p>Part order for Fluval 201</p>

Are there parts available for the Fluval 201?

<p>Part order for Fluval 201</p>

To order part of Fluval Aquarium Pump 201 Request : Please sent me one (1) pc. seal ring for Fluval 201 motor (115 VAC 60Hz Hmax=0,60m 500l/h) and one (1) pc. seal ring for Fluval 201 motor base

Peat and Carbon in Fluval Canister

Should I use Peat and Carbon in my Fluval Canister?

Pet Health Concerns

I am concerned about the health of my pet, what do I do?

pH change with Cycle or AquaPlus

Does adding Cycle or AquaPlus change the pH of aquarium water? The water added to a new tank was approximately 7.0 PH. After 6 hours with pump running and adding the above, the pH is now 8+. Is this normal?

pH Fresh/Saltwater test kit gives milky results

When I use the fresh and Saltwater pH test kit, the vial is turning a milky white, almost as if it were solidifying. What could be causing this?

pH High - Non Charted Color

My pH High tests do not show a color on the chart. Why?

<p>pH High Test Reading</p>

pH High Test Reading

pH Importance

Why is pH so important?

pH stability

My pH is always the same. Why should I continue to test?

pH stability

My pH is always the same. Why should I continue to test?

pH stabilization

How do I keep my pH stable in an aquarium

pH Testing of Hydroponics

Is the 'A-7815 Nutrafin Test Kit - pH Wide Range' acceptable for testing the PH of hydroponic solutions?

Phos-X activity

How long will Phos-X remain active in an aquarium, there is no indication by color change or other identifying change.

Phos-X Phosphate Remover in Saltwater

Is Phos-X safe to use in salt water reefs?

Phosphate Test Kit - Faded Yellow

When I add the third reagent from the Phosphate test kit, the sample shows an immediate faded yellow instead of clear?

Phosphate Test Kit - PO3 vs. PO4

What is the difference between PO3 and PO4? Does the Phosphate Test Kit test for both?

Phosphate Test Kit Reading Interference

My 55gal tank (set up for many years) is showing readings of +5.0 ppm according to your test kit in less than 10 seconds - I guess this means that the levels are much higher than 5.0 ppm.

The fish and plants are all doing fine and are not showi ...

Plant Fertilizer Toxicity

I'm a beginner with planted tanks. I have a small tank (10 liters) with cherry shrimp and some plants. I plan to use some fertilizer but do not know which to choose. I bought 'Plant Grow' and it contains N (0.15%), Fe (0.26%), Mn (0.05%) and Zn (0.003%). ...

Plant Iron Deficiency

I dose my aquarium with a liquid fertilizer as per package instructions, every two weeks. Why do my plants continue to show symptoms of iron deficiency?

Plant-Gro Dosage period

How often do I dose Nutrafin PlantGro Iron Enriched Plant Fertilizer. I cannot find anything on the bottle or anywhere on your Web site that tells me how often one should put this product into the aquarium.

Plant-Gro NPK Ingredients

Why does Plant~Gro NPK contain Nitrogen?

Plants survive - barely

My plants survive but they seem thin, flimsy, and their color is not rich looking. What am I doing wrong?

<p>Polystyrene under my Fluval Aquarium?</p>

Should I put polystyrene under my Fluval Aquarium?

Positioning for AquaClear

What is the optimum place to position an Aquaclear Power Filter on a rectangular tank?

Also if I am using two Aquaclear filters on the same tank where do you suggest positioning them?

Power Head 802 Submergibility

You state on this page that the power head (Hagen 802) are fully submersible. Is this so, and if so, why is there a line on the device that says do not submerse past this point?

Power Head Fish Protection

Is there a piece that is supposed to fit over the pump intake to distribute the water flow to where it won't kill my critters?

I have two 802 Power Heads that I use for circulation in my 90 gallon saltwater tank. These were originally purchased ...

Power Head fully submersible

Is the power head COMPLETELY submersible or must it be above the water line?

Power Head Pre-Filtration

I am using a AquaClear Model 50 Power Head as a circulation pump for my marine aquarium, and it keeps sucking up fish. I need to know if the company makes an intake cover for it, such as a power filter intake that spreads all the suction out over a large

<p>Power Head Specifications</p>

What are the specifications and dimensions of the AquaClear Power Heads?

Proper Fluval Canister filter for a 255 Liter (67 U.S. Gal.) tropical tank.

I want to by a Fluval external filter for my 255 Liter (67 U.S. Gal.) tropical tank. which one is suitable?, the 305 or the 405?

Proper use of Test Kit Color Card

How do I hold the Colour Card for proper readings?

Protecting the Fluval-G LCD Panel

Are there any things I should do to protect the Fluval-G?

Protein solubilized by Waste Control

How does Waste Control solubilize protein?

<p>Pump Impeller under warranty?</p>

My retailer says I cannot have a new pond pump impeller under warranty, is this true?

Re-Attaching internal tube for FX5

The intake tube inside the canister has come off, what sealant do I use to reattach it to underside of lid? It's making excessive noise at that location.

Re-use of Biological filtration Media

Can I use old biological media?

Recommended Fluval Media and Placement

What is the best media to use in the Fluval Canister Filters, and how should the chambers be loaded?

Relationship between algae and bacteria

What is the relationship between algae and bacteria?

Replace Incandescent with Fluorescent

Can I harm fish if I change from Incandescent lighting to Fluorescent fixtures?

<p>Replacement media for the Fluval 05/06</p>

What replacement media do I need to order for the filter and how often do I replace each?

Replacement parts for an old AquaClear Filter

Recently puchased a used aquarium with Aqua Clear Powerfilter 610. The filter looks like a much older model. It has slide in cards that divide the media for filtration. It is leaking at the bottom where the motor assembly hooks to the Resevoir I believe ...

<p>Replacement pH reagent</p>

I was just wondering if you sell just the reagent bottle of the ph low test solution, instead of just the kits. I don't need to replace all of it, just need the solution.

Retrofit Power Heads with Reverse Flow

Do you have in stock a reverse flow kit for your power head who do not have these.

Safety of Cycle

How safe is Cycle to humans if some gets on your fingers and then scratched your nose or touched your lips?

Salt Water Reef Lighting

Proper lighting for Salt Water Reef - 4 lights

I just bought 80 gal. marine aquarium mainly for fish and some corals. I have a place for four 42 inch aquarium bulbs. Which type of your bulbs would you recommend for that type of aquarium?

Setting a Non-Submersible Heater

I have a Elite Radiant Heater and my pilot light is not coming on. What can I do to fix it?

Setting a Thermal Compact heater

How do I adjust an Thermal Compact Submersible heater?

Sliding Glass Top Middle Strut

I recently purchased a sliding glass top (product # A-2804) for my 33-gallon Hagen tank. On assembling it and placing it on my tank, I was confused by the middle segment, which is longer than the two end segments. I was wondering if you might explain w

Smelly Water

PH level remains at a constant 7.6, regardless of what I add as in softener blocks, cycle, cycle-sludge, water changes, PH-Down.

Nitrite levels fluctuate between 0 ppm. and 1 ppm.
I have increased aeration, and did 1/3 water changes, but ...

Spirulina Algae

Spirulina is an excellent supplement for human beings, is it effective for fish too?

Spray Bar Kit for Fluval 04 Series works with the Fluval 05 series?

Can we use the Spray Bar Kit for Fluval 104/204/304/404 (Watercare-Additives / Supplements 5) with the Fluval 205 (A206)

Square aquarium

We are looking for an aquarium that has the same length and width. Do you carry such a product?

<p>Starting AquaClear Filters</p>

I am having problem with my Aqua Clear filter. I cleaned it and changed the media and it will not start? Please help.

Starting Fluval 404

I bought a used tank and it came with the 404 system. I don't have a manual.

I filled filter with water and I can hear motor running, but water is not going in or coming out. What do I do?

Stopping Power Head Venturi

I use a Power Head to move water only, I don't want air bubbles. How can I make a water move without these very small water bubbles?

Sun-Glo Specifications

What are the specifications for the Sun-Glo bulbs?

T5 specifications

What are the specifications for the T5 bulbs?

<p>Tank capacity utility</p>

I have an aquarium that I need to know how many gallons it holds, how do I determine aquarium capacity?

Temporary Carbon Removal

Taking carbon filter bag out of filter for a few days.

Is it O.K. to take the carbon bag out of my filter for about 5 days or so? I rinsed the sponge media filter and I was wondering if this would upset my biological bacteria that I have alre

Test Kit Drop Size

Your instructions say to use 5 drops of each reagent but one bottle is 10 mL and the other is 16 mL. Something doesn't seem right--one's going to run empty before the other. Are the instructions correct?

Test Kit Manual Replacement

I need a new manual for my pH test kit, it has been ruined by water damage. Can I download it?

<p>Test Kit Reagents</p>

Where can I find out the item #s of the various replacement test kit reagents?

Test Kit Waste Disposal

How do I discard used test kit water?

Test Kits have Loose Caps

The cap is loose on my test kit's test tube

Testing and sanitizing a used aquarium

How do I sanitize a used tank and how to check it for structural soundness?

<p>testing summary</p>

Testing q

<p>The motor stops working on an AquaClear filter</p>

I have bought two AquaClear filters so far , they both had the same problem. The motor stopped working. I can plug it in, and there would be no water circulating. It would work great for a while, but then I change the water, and replace filter, and etc. and when I plug it back in, ...

<p>The motor stops working on an AquaClear filter</p>

I have bought two AquaClear filters so far , they both had the same problem. The motor stopped working. I can plug it in, and there would be no water circulating. It would work great for a while, but then I change the water, and replace filter, and etc. and when I plug it back in, ...

The red indicator in my Hush filter pops up every day

My red clogging indicator pops up almost every day. Since it is recommended to replace the cartridge filter once a month, I just rinse both cartridges and the clogging indicator disappears. Is it normal for it to become clogged so soon? What could be the

Thermometer Indicator Substance

What is the liquid used in your traditional thermometers. Is is toxic to fish?

<p>Tropiquarium Light Timer instructions</p>

I had an older Tropiquarium given to me, I need instructions on how to set the light timer, otherwise everytthing is working magnificently!

Trout Chow for Goldfish

My Goldfish love trout chow and appear very full-bodied and healthy, is this a good food for them?

use of pclear

Do I turn the filtration off after the initial application of P-Clear?

The instructions say
1 'allow 1 to 3hours for particles to clump'
2 'remove by filtration'

It does not say whether to leave the filter running during t

Using a Power Head 50 to move water from tank to tank

Can I use a Power Head 50 to move water from tank to tank?

Using Cycle, Plant-Gro, Phos-X and Waste Control together

Is it safe to have Plant Gro, Cycle, Waste Control, and Green-X in the water? At the moment I use Plant Gro and Cycle but am interested in purchasing Waste Control and Phos-X. I just want to know if there are any complications if they are mixed together.

Using Multiple Filters on an Aquarium

Can I use two filters on one larger tank. For example two filters that work for a 30 gal tank and use them on a 55 gal tank.

Venturi Air Injection

I have just bought an Aquaclear powerhead, and need to use the suction bracket as the rim clamp isn't suitable for my tank. The powerhead will be completely submerged and I'm just wondering where the air hose & venturi valve go as there is nowhere on the ...

Venturi blocked - Power Head ejects bubbles

Even with the whole unit placed fully under the water and fully closed air line, air bubbles still are blowing into the water. These are very small bubbles. Much smaller than they normally occur when the air line stays open. Is it possible that the impel ...

Vincenza glass cleaning

In the Vicenza aquarium manual it states that in a bow front I should not use algae remover magnets. Could you tell me why? How to remove algae then?

Waste Control - Rapid nitrate decrease

I have seen a rapid decrease in nitrate with Waste Control. Is this possible?

Water Change killed fish

I recently did a water change on my plant tank and all my fish died within a couple of days. They became discolored and exhibited unusual respiration rates and swimming patterns, why did this happen?

Water Clarity

I have had my 4 ft tank set up now for 2 months. My water is not clear. As the water comes out from the filter it seems to contain very small white particles which are then spread throughout the tank. In the lower basket I have pre-filter, middle basket I ...

Water goes green

My tank gets green water all the time. How can I permanently elimanate it so it won't come back.

What is ash

What is Ash?

<p>Where to obtain the optional Light Unit for the Betta Kit</p>

I just bought a betta kit...#13400..I want to get the light accessory...I cannot find it anywhere...does it still exist? If so, where can I get one?

<p>Where to purchase optional Light Unit for Betta Kit</p>

I purchased the 1/2 gallon Betta kit #13400 and would like to purchase the optional light unit. I can not find this product, please refer me to where I can purchase.

Which AquaClear should I choose?

I noticed you guys sell one that's designed for 5-20 gallon tanks one designed for 10-30 gallon tanks and one designed for 20-50 gallon tanks. In the case of doubt is it best to go with the higher end option and get the 20-50 gallon compatable A-610? Is t ...

Worms on the glass

This is a stable, moderately stocked, heavily planted 60 gal tank that has been up and running for at least 6 years.

Recently while performing routine partial water change with light substrate vac, I discovered very small blood red looking cri ...

<p><span style='font-size: small;'><span style='color: #000000;'>Yes, amber is within the colour palette that </span></span><span style='font-size: small;'><span style='color: #000000;'><span style='font-size: small;'>Nutrafin Bio-Clear </span>can be